Copyright Notice :: Mark Denman Photography

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

Introduction: Mark Denman Photography is committed to respecting and protecting the intellectual property rights of others as well as its own. This Copyright Policy outlines the guidelines for the use, reproduction, and distribution of copyrighted materials within Mark Denman Photography for its corporate photography business. By conducting any business activity with Mark Denman Photography, including but not limited to purchasing or licensing photographs, clients and third parties are expected to comply with this policy.

  1. Copyright Ownership: 1.1. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, all photographs produced by Mark Denman Photography are subject to copyright laws and remain the exclusive property of Mark Denman Photography and its photographers. 1.2. All copyrights to photographs, including but not limited to the right to reproduce and distribute, belong solely to Mark Denman Photography unless explicitly transferred in writing.

  2. Use of Photographs: 2.1. Clients: Clients of Mark Denman Photography are granted a limited, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use the purchased/licensed photographs for their intended purposes only. 2.2. Third Parties: Any use of Mark Denman Photography‘s photographs by third parties, including but not limited to publishers, advertisers, or media organizations, requires obtaining a separate license or written permission from Mark Denman Photography.

  3. Copyright Infringement: 3.1. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of Mark Denman Photography’s copyrighted photographs is strictly prohibited. 3.2. Mark Denman Photography reserves the right to take appropriate legal action if its copyrighted materials are used without permission or in violation of this policy. 3.3. In the event of copyright infringement by a client or third party, Mark Denman Photography may seek compensation for damages, legal costs, and any other remedies available under applicable laws.

  4. License Terms and Conditions: 4.1. The specific terms and conditions of the license for the use of Mark Denman Photography’s photographs will be outlined in a separate agreement or licensing agreement. 4.2. Any use of photographs beyond the scope of the agreed-upon license or without proper authorization may result in additional license fees or legal action.

  5. Copyright Notice: 5.1. Any use, duplicate, or reproduction of Mark Denman Photography’s photographs must be accompanied by a visible copyright notice attributing the photograph to Mark Denman Photography. 5.2. The copyright notice should include the © symbol, the year of creation, and Mark Denman Photography’s name (e.g., © 2023 Mark Denman Photography).

  6. Reporting Copyright Violations: 6.1. If any individual or organization believes that Mark Denman Photography’s copyrighted works have been used or reproduced without permission, they should promptly notify [Company Name] via the designated contact details specified on Mark Denman Photography’s website. 6.2. The notification should include detailed information about the alleged infringement, including identification of the copyrighted work, location or URL of the unauthorized use, and contact information of the reporting party.

Conclusion: Mark Denman Photography is committed to protecting its intellectual property rights and expects all clients and third parties to comply with this Copyright Policy. Failure to comply may result in legal action, including seeking damages and injunctive relief, against those who violate these terms. This policy may be subject to updates or modifications as necessary, and the most recent version will be made available on Mark Denman Photography’s website.

By engaging in any business activities with Mark Denman Photography, clients and third parties acknowledge and agree to be bound by this Copyright Policy.